HuntCamp Pro

Going out of business sale! Now only CA$295 CA$150!
It's like a wearable blind.
Silent. Warm. Reversible.
HuntCamp Pro poncho effectively masks hunter's silhouette, reduces noise, blocks scent and provides excellent protection against the elements



Constructed with an additional lightweight inner layer of hypoallergenic insulating quilt batting

Blocks scent

Unique design traps hunter's scent. Sewn up sides don't allow the transfer of scent out for game to detect the hunter

Best camo

The poncho is designed using the best camo patterns. Inner side is made of orange or white fleece for various hunting needs


Camo/orange or camo/white combinations are well suited for for multi-purpose hunting - from gun and archery seasons to predator control


Extensively tested while hunting for deer, caribou, bear, coyote and fowl. Also great for ice fishing!

Water resistant

Premium camo material is water resistant

Handy storage bag

Water resistant storage bag with straps makes it easy to carry the poncho into the field

Masks silhouette

Blends hunter's shape into surrounding area

One size

Fits Most

Made in Canada

Meticulously handcrafted in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada


Only CA$295 CA$150 plus shipping!
Tax and handling included

Buy HuntCamp Pro poncho for $295 $150 Canadian plus shipping

Tax and handling included

In the field

Works great for multiple types of hunting: deer, coyote, moose, bear, fowl etc.
Hunting orange on reverse

Deer season

Orange on reverse

White on reverse

Coyote season

White on reverse


Archery season


Buy HuntCamp Pro Poncho

Now only CA$295 CA$150 plus shipping
Tax and handling included

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Scott Thomas

"It's like I'm wearing my portable ground blind!
This thing is amazing!"

Scott Thomas

"At first I was a bit skeptical about Huntcamp Pro poncho but after using it I realize the absolute uniqueness of this garment. It simply the warmest design of hunting clothes you can get. It is very universal and practical - you can quickly get it over any other clothes.
Simply unbeatable for those cold waits."


When the hunt is on, everything else stops.

Our family has a long standing hunting tradition and appreciation for fine equipment and craftsmanship. While designing the poncho, we knew that simplicity is the key. All modern zippers and noisy materials were ruled out. Feedback from the field led to several innovative design modifications and the HuntCamp Pro poncho was born.

Our goal is to provide the best in design, quality and function to make your hunt more comfortable and gameful.

Designed by the hunters for the hunters.

Getting the Word Out

As more and more friends of our family use their HuntCamp Pro ponchos, the word is getting out. Now we would love the opportunity to make your hunt the best that it can be.

Also available at the Muskoka Trapper in Novar, Ontario!